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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for OCD

A slideshow presentation from one of my workshops on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Therapy as fertiliser?

The pressure to get better can impede the process of recovery from psychological problems. To paraphrase The Supremes, "You can't hurry recovery".

Cannabis Use and Mental Illness

A new study shows that people with mental illness are up to seven times more likely to be heavy smokers of cannabis than those who do not have mental health problems.

Alcohol Use and Negative Emotionality

A study shows that people who score highly on a measure of negative emotionality tend to drink more alcohol following a priming dose of d-amphetamine.

More information about the study.

Reactions to Stress Predict Future Health Problems

A new study shows how reactions to stress can predict future health problems.

Substance Misuse and Mental Health

There is a new page in the therapy section looking at the challenge of explaining the problems of coping with dual diagnosis to clients, with some useful links to online "Prezi" presentations that have helpful diagrams.

Latest download...

A brief guide to working with ambivalence in therapy, with some ambivalence-busting ideas! The author conceptualises ambivalence as a fear response and links it to Gray's behavioural inhibition and activation systems, giving rise to a classic approach-avoidance conflict.

Relaxation - a new dimension

I have included a relaxation exercise, recorded on a beach by the Black Sea.

Or, you may prefer to spend a couple of minutes just listening to the sounds of the sea.