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Funny Bits - Humour, Quirkiness and Irreverence in Psychology

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An escape from the sterility of statistics, the conundrums of cognitive science, the painfulness of physiological psychology, the pathos of psychophysiology (you may perceive a Just Noticeable Difference), the tribulations of therapy, and all aspects of alliteration.

Telepathy Interview Cartoon

You probably already know what this Telepathy Cartoon is about

Ye olde Psychology Shoppe

We are pleased to introduce our new line of UNOFFICIAL W.A.I.S. slogan t-shirts!

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  • "My Brother has an IQ of 138 and I have this t-shirt"
  • "I've been W.A.I.S.ted"
  • "Official Blockhead" (with Block Design logo)
  • "My Working Memory has Gone on Strike"

Available in the following sizes:

One standard deviation above
One standard deviation below
Two standard deviations above
Two standard deviations below

Other sizes on request