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Motivational Interviewing - is it a problem for you?

It is difficult to remember how life was before I discovered motivational interviewing. At first it made me feel nervous. I would tentatively try a bit of refecting or overshooting and it made me feel good. Soon I was using it with more and more clients.
Life was great. Suddenly I could not get enough of MI. I tried it with friends and family, but it was not quite the same. It was too much for some of them and they began to criticise me. I became secretive. I felt ashamed.
I crossed the line and began doing it with complete strangers. First time this happened was on a train, luckily just a short suburban journey. I wanted to go mainline, inter-city. Then I had fantasies of doing it under the Channel, and then in French.
Things were beginning to get out of hand. It was at that time that someone introduced me to Motivational Interviewers Anonymous (MIA). I was unsure about going to my first meeting so I used MI on myself - a highly risky strategy but it worked. I have not looked back since then. Also, my mother has gained a lot of support from Mamma MIA, a self-help offshoot.
I hope my story helps others.

Serious bit - find out about Motivational Interviewing as a psychological intervention for treating Addictions.