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My Summer Holiday in the Brain's Right Hemisphere

It has been my habit for many years to take my vacation in the Northern Hemisphere, but in August 2011 I decided to travel further afield. I was fortunate enough to secure a place on a guided tour of the Right Hemisphere and had a truly wonderful time (as recounted on Trip Advisor).

Drawing of brain

There were many highlights to the trip, including a flight in a Cingulate Gyrus that gave stunning views of the landscape - mountain ranges of grey rock cut by a myriad of deep valleys. I spent an evening with the indigenous Amygdala people, renowned for their watchfulness. They laughed at my attempts at limbic dancing, after which we sipped serotonin, a local brew that is supposed to aid sleep.

The next morning we trekked along the famous Catecholamine Pathway, with stunning views of the Temple of Thalamus high on the distant mountain. We reached this the easy way by taking a ride on the periventricular railway. The holiday ended with a memorable ride on a hippocampus.