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Psychology Poems...Psychometrics with a Twist

Psychology Riddle

Who seizes clients by their cognitions
and berates them into meek submission?

He's PsychoDel
the one to beat.
The name on the street

Who restructures schemas in effective ways,
makes booze and drugs the stuff of bygone days?

He's Psychodel
the psychologist from Hell

Back Ward

One year on,
still the huddled forms
in a ward
the world has forgotten.

seeking inner comfort,
relief from bleak surrounds,
noxious odours,
distant sounds,
remnants of dignity lie scattered,
detritus on the floor of the world.

Time seems to pass
right through some people.

Cognitive Therapy Limerick

Many people declared Aaron Beck
have thoughts that are often suspect:
their errors in thinking
lead to emotional sinking
and they end up nervously wrecked.

Cognitive Therapy Reframing

My fear of spontaneous human combustion
was treated with CBT.

It has given me hope
and the skills to cope
by challenging my cognition

When once I dreaded conflagration,
now I only fear ignition.

Socratic Questioning

Socratic questioning is my Achilles heel,
all this CBT is Greek to me.
Is it true that I think therefore I feel,
or is this all just Sophistry?