Did you identify the thinking error?

Thinking errors play a central part in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and there are now many ways in which they are categorised. Essentially they represent the different biases people use when making appraisals about themselves, others or the world at large.

In the current example, Elvis Presley was making a Global Judgment, in which the error is to apply a label to a specific person or situation based on a negative characteristic that disregards other perhaps less negative characteristics. The label becomes all-defining, and this in turn determines how the person applying the label will respond emotionally to the particular person or situation. Labels are not absolute, they don't always describe what is "in the tin"!

Some Cognitive Behavioural Therapists find it difficult to distinguish between Global Judgments and Over-Generalisations. The former refer to specific people or situations while the latter refer to all situations or people in that class. For example, "My builder Bob is a disaster" (Global Judgment) versus "All builders are a disaster " (Over-Generalisation).

The distinctions are important because they can impact on the kinds of thought-challenging strategies that are liklely to be helpful.

Why not have a look at my Prezi Challenging Negative Automatic Thoughts that goes into a little more detail?