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Therapy Resources

What you will find here...

Links to pages devoted to psychological therapy in all its glory and manifest forms. Well, more modestly, some advice, tips and guidance about psychological therapy. The focus is mostly be on cognitive behavioural therapy. It is a resource for therapists and those interested in finding out about CBT.

A look at attentional bias...

"Life is a minestrone"

Learn more about the meaning of soup and attentional biases in information processing.

Name that thinking error - 1

" You ain't nothing but a hound dog"

Herewith the type of negative automatic thought

Name that thinking error - 2

"My mind's made up
by the way that I feel"

[Source: "Love is All Around" performed by Wet, Wet, Wet, written by Reg Presley.]

Herewith the type of negative automatic thought

Emotional Plumbing

More contemplations on cognitive behavioral therapy to enjoy - how I persuade clients to let me loose with my cognitive wrench!