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Derek teaching basics of CBT

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Substance Misuse Workshops and Teaching

Dr Derek Lee has extensive experience of teaching and running workshops for a wide range of audiences, including medical staff, trainee clinical psychologists, staff from social services, the voluntary sector, mental health nurses and the police.

He draws on his many years of clinical experience working with clients to bring an important experiential dimension to teaching, and the skills he promotes have a strong evidence-base of effectiveness and, most importantly, emphasis is placed on the challenges of implementing these in "real world" settings.

Derek is able to provide lectures and workshops on all aspects of cognitive therapy for common mental health problems and substance misuse - either occurring together as co-morbidities or as separate entities.

The panel on the right provides direct links to some of Derek's teaching materials.

Here are some comments from past participants...

" Derek managed to keep us engaged and interested due to his nice style of teaching, drawing on discussions, role-plays and his energy "

"Great lecture and I appreciated how Derek adapted his presentation to our requests"

" I really enjoyed this lecture on addiction and motivational interviewing. I like the interactive/experiential focus "

If you would like Derek to undertake any teaching for your staff or trainees, please email for details.