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Scientist-Practitioner Model

An online presentation, using my work in addictions as an exemplar of the Scientist-Practitioner Model.

Application Advice

The deadlines for applications for assistant psychologist posts tend to be very short and can be closed prematurely if there is a big demand, sometimes after only a day or two of appearing. So, do not delay in submitting your application!

Interviews often rely on behavioural-type questions where you are asked to give specific examples of times when you displayed the qualities you have claimed to possess (e.g., creative problem-solving skills, integrity, tenaciousness, tolerance)and/or of the competencies and qualities they are looking for (e.g., going beyond the call of duty, taking risks, working collaboratively). It is helpful to build a portfolio of experiences you can use in this way. It is good to get into the habit of "reflective practice" to be able to learn from your experiences.

Why Choose Psychology?

A cartoon - An Interview with Myself.
Array of psychology books and journals

Clinical Psychology Training Courses - Latest Figures

For the 2017 intake onto Clinical Psychology courses, there were 3932 applicants chasing 594 places. This equates to a 15% success rate in obtaining a place.

Clinical Psychology Training

What you will find in this section...

The focus is on advice and guidance about how to improve your chances of getting onto a clinical psychology training course in the UK.

The following are in [pdf] format.

Some insights into the work of a clinical psychologist in three parts:

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